Don McClain-Essential Real Estate Tips From Successful Investors

Real estate investing is not a cup of coffee, the tricks related to real estate come with experience and a deep well of knowledge. Listening to real estate professionals like Don McClain and successful investors is a great place to start your career as a real estate investor because there are things you can accomplish by putting yourself on the right path which ensures your best chance for success.


If you are new in this field of investing, then here are some tips and tricks you should follow: 

  • Find rental properties in emerging neighborhoods: Rental properties show a perfect method to get involved with real estate investments
  • Diversify your investments: Investing around a large area also diversifies your investments and enhances your portfolio against the volatility of local markets.
  • Don’t over-leverage yourself: You can be successful for a large period and still go broke if every rental is mortgages to the hilt.
  • Look into single-family rentals: The single family homes are always attractive and historically has over the last hundred plus years always appreciated.
  • Do your homework before listening to paid advisors: You are required to do your homework to ensure if the potential cash flow from real estate is right for you or not.
  • Nip maintenance issues in the bud before they get bigger: Investing small water leaks are important so they can fix it by the time.
  • Join a local networking group: Try to discover groups that don’t ‘pitch’ products but really educate and mentor you in the areas of your interest.
  • Get to know your market: You should be well informed on the current trends,interest rates, and even unemployment/crime rates, that will allow you to recognize the latest market status and plan for the future.
  • Know your tax laws: It’s important for real estate investors to be up-to-date with the new emerging tax laws and Don McClain Austin Texas will keep you updated with all trends and techniques related to real estate.

Don McClain-Things to consider before investing in real estate?

Investing in real estate is a great way to generate income but make sure you are investing in the right property under the guidance of an experienced expert like Don McClain.


Real estate investment is an accessible investment that can give you a huge amount of profit if the value of the property increases.

You need to know few things to consider before you make a real estate investment:

Research about the right time: We all know that everything has two consequences just like a coin has two sides, investing in individual properties is a kind of high-risk investment that can result in outsized gains or catastrophic losses. If there are smart ways to make these investments, why would anyone go another way to lose money?

Needs of a successful real estate investor: Investors are not only competing with homebuyers but also collaborate with investors. To maintain a property is quite expensive, and tenants can be unruly. Real estate can be a complex method because of taxes, insurance, and laws. A smart investor who is seeking a healthy profit margin will need to prepare for these potential challenges. If you’re considering an investment in real estate, it pays to have a good understanding of the trends that drive real estate values.

  • Prices: You should be aware of the historical pricing trends for any property or location. 
  • Demand: Always check out the property demand like if it is increasing or decreasing!
  • Comparative sales: Sales of the property to check its value is reducing or attaining more value!
  • Rental trends: You should know how many people are staying rent nearby.
  • Future development: It’s crucial to know what type of construction or buildings are there! 
  • Occupancy rates: Make sure you know the building occupancy levels are increasing or decreasing!
  • Interest rates: Know the outlook for interest rates and their potential impact on demand! 

Patience and planning are essential because keeping the right mindset is key to not letting your emotions push you into poor investment decisions. But proper planning from an experienced person like Don McClain Austin Texas, who can help you to set realistic expectations and manage them when it comes to the appreciation of your property can help you realize profits.

Don McClain-How things will work well for a real estate consultant?

Choosing a real estate consultant as a career option is the right option for you if you are interested in this particular field. Buyer or seller can save significant money, as the true real estate consultant like Don McClain does not work for free, such as free buyer showings.


Those who select to bill themselves as real estate consultants need to set up some rules like offer services to buyers and sellers on an hourly basis, package services into bundles based on customer needs, offer services such as assistance with property tax disputes, market valuations for insurance, and others innovative services.  

How customized services are best?

The consumer attains a good deal of flexibility in selecting only the services they need like if they need specific properties. In customized services, you will only pay for the services you need, If you believe they are taking overcharges for some of the tasks associated with property showings, contract negotiation, or anything else. 

How client satisfaction is good for real estate consultants? 

If you are not marketing your customers for giving services such as CMA’s, driving buyers around to view properties, etc. A good real estate consultant takes appropriate charges. You can also open new streams such as helping homeowners dispute property tax valuations, value their home for sale, many more things. Another way to enhance your business is to start working with investors. Some of the buyers or sellers will embrace a method to save transaction costs a which increases the return on investment. There are some tips and tricks for saving money as a buyer and seller which can also work well for consultant: 

  • Get a comparative market analysis and pricing assistance.
  • Have proper photos and virtual tours online.
  • Everything in the listing setup will never be compensated if it doesn’t sell.
  • Paying hourly when showing properties
  • Locate property without the assistance
  • Pay the consultant hourly for transactional services

It’s just so interesting to give your customer, buyer, or seller, the ability to share our risks, and this will save money accordingly just like Don McClain Austin Texas

Don McClain- Get a brief about the benefits of investing in REITs

Real estate investment trusts are industries that finance income-producing real estate across a variety of property sectors. REITs are a key consideration when constructing any fixed-income portfolio and Don McClain guides you to maximus diversification and potentially higher total returns at lower overall risk.


It can also manage income-producing commercial real estate whether it is their property or the mortgages on those properties. Individually, you can invest in the companies through an exchange-traded fund. 

Assets of REITs: It invests in a huge range of real estate property that includes administration offices, apartments, retail centers, medical facilities, data centers, infrastructure and luxury hotels. Some REITs hold multiple types of properties in their portfolios and most REITs hold particular types of property.

Benefits of investing in REITs: REITs have delivered competitive total returns, steady income, and long-term capital appreciation. They have low correlation with other assets which also make them an excellent portfolio diversifier. Another benefit is portfolio diversification which means not too many people have the capacity to go out and buy a piece of commercial real estate in order to generate passive income. But REITs offer the general public the capability to do exactly this.

Qualification of REIT a company:

  • Should Invest 75% of its total assets in real estate
  • Derive 75% of its gross income from rents from real property, interest on mortgages financing real property.
  • Pay 90% of its taxable income in the form of shareholder 
  • Be an organization that is taxable as a corporation
  • Be controlled  by a board of directors.
  • Have a minimum of 100 shareholders
  • Have no more than 50% of its shares held by five or fewer individuals

The challenge is that the property you are going to purchase isn’t guaranteed to increase in value. You can lower the odds of a bad investment by researching an experienced real estate expert like Don McClain Austin Texas to find out which home values will tend to rise.

Don McClain- How To Develop a Professional Image as a Real Estate Agent?

Utilizing tools and technology is important when developing a professional image. While you are an amateur who is new in the business, professional guidance is a must.


Don McClain can be that one choice who has successfully grown several companies that subsequently became very significant in their respective areas of real estate finance by using several tools to organize and promote their real estate businesses.

He can help you with essential key tips to develop a professional image as a real estate agent:

Contact Management

Keeping track of your clients is crucial and you can go basic with a spreadsheet program or an email database program designed specifically for real estate professionals. Commercial products offer several useful features, including automated contact synchronization with your smartphone. No matter how you keep track of your contacts, keep the list updated, add and delete contacts as appropriate.

Agent websites

Consider setting up your domain name and website, while this may seem daunting, but it is now easier than ever to build a professional-looking website. Large industries spend hundreds of dollars on the development and maintenance of their websites, but you can do it for a very reasonable amount.

A website provides you with a landing page to direct your existing and potential clients to while creating a professional and searchable web presence. You can also make websites for individual properties to promote your listings and keep your sellers satisfied. Additionally, you can take advantage of social media by linking to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Outlook, and LinkedIn profiles


Marketing software for real estate agents can help you manage your marketing data. These packages include business cards, door hangers, postcards, property flyers, brochures, email campaigns, and animated home tours – all to help you efficiently reach out to existing and potential clients.


Several apps for iOS- and Android-based devices are available to help you stay connected while out of the office. The House Hunter app, for example, allows agents to track and compare an unlimited number of homes, using a proprietary scoring method to identify the properties best matching their client’S requirements. It will also allow you to run an open house on your phone, follow up with leads, create listing pages, and export collected data to Excel or other software. 

The Bottom Line

Working as a real estate agent has its challenges like you don’t get paid unless you sell, you can work long hours and still have no paycheck. It can be a rewarding career, both financially and professionally.

Don McClain Austin Texas can serve you by providing the best solution to projecting a professional image using today’s real estate tools and technology to build a successful career in real estate

Don McClain-Tools and Technology to become a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent helps people who want to buy, sell and rent land and properties. Real estate is an active, income-producing work, and involves extensive administrative paperwork.

A real estate expert, Don McClain goes through every detail of the property and provides the best administration services to the clients at affordable rates.


A real estate agent has a list of responsibilities that he/she has to do. Below mentioned are some of the major key responsibilities:

  • Understand the needs of clients and make the client comfortable.
  • Guide clients on mortgages, market conditions, and pricing.
  • Suggest sellers about the staging of the home to sell it fast.
  • Compare the value of property to determine fair and competitive market prices.
  • Make a list of appropriate properties for buyers, based on their price range and needs.
  • Guide buyers and sellers through the transaction.
  • Make negotiations between buyers and sellers by understanding both of them.
  •  Submit all required paperwork, including various contracts.
  • Present all buying options and offers to sellers for consideration.
  • Promote properties through advertising, listing services, and social media.
  • Show properties to buyers.
  • Get informed with real estate laws and trends.
  • Be available for clients to attend calls and messages.

When you are working as a real estate agent, it can be both challenging and financially rewarding but keep in mind that there are many different unique opportunities for anyone who wants to work in the industry. The next step towards success is making a website that provides you a page to direct your existing and potential clients when they search for you. You can also make websites to promote your listings and keep your sellers happy. Additionally, you can take advantage of social media by linking to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Don McClain Austin Texas can serve you by providing the best solution to the commercial real estate and business owner and providing customized solutions for his clients.

Don McClain- How can Real Estate turn out to be your Best Investment?

Investing in real estate could be the wisest decision one could take while thinking of long-term benefits. Being new in the business you definitely need expertise as one wrong investment can lead to debts and loans for a lifetime.


But with the assistance of Don McClain, one can get a total brief for both private and business contracts. Addressing both private and institutional capital, he can serve by giving the best answer for the commercial owners and entrepreneurs while giving tweaked answers for his customers. His expertise will lead you to more successful investments.

Here are a few advantages of putting resources into real estate: 

  • Inflation hedge

While the all-out expansion rate throughout the most recent 20 years has been about 37.4%, home costs have expanded by almost 98% throughout a similar time frame. It’s difficult the increment in market esteems that land financial backers profit with. In many business sectors, yearly lease increments of 3% or more are the standard, assisting with keeping rental pay incomes in accordance with the yearly pace of expansion. 

  • Deductible operational expense 

Expenses of possessing real estate – including things, for example, renting and the board charges, fixes and support, local charges, and home loan interest costs – are completely deductible. At the point when the right investment property is bought utilizing traditionalist influence, month-to-month income from the occupant pays for these working costs while leaving additional cash left over as overall gain. 

  • Invest when and where you need 

Putting resources into real estate is a numbers game. The more offers you make, the more noteworthy the chances are of discovering a dealer that acknowledges. Also, the more altogether you dissect likely arrangements, the better the monetary exhibition of your property will be. It’s simpler to single out when you have an investing system to follow and an end-game as a top priority. 


Don McClain can become your ideal choice when you want a wise investment along with high returns. Consulting him will never fail your investments!

Don McClain-Fast Commercial Capital to Provide Fast Construction and Development Financing Nationwide

Fast Commercial Capital, a Texas-based correspondent lending firm, has announced ambitions to expand their real estate finance options nationally. Don McClain and his team at Fast Commercial Cash, America’s go-to alternative lender, have kept their focus on changing the real estate sector, recently announcing that the business plans to raise at least $100 million in capital before the end of the year.The move is in keeping with the company’s aim of providing new construction and development finance to builders and developers around the country.


“The market is really hot right now, and cash is in short supply. Alternative lenders, such as Fast Commercial Capital, are the go-to option because banks are not lending at pre-pandemic levels. Don McClain stated, “We can offer cash in as short as 5 days.” “Builders and developers require a reliable source of finance. Fast Commercial Capital is just that. We have the ability to pick up where others have failed.”

Over time, the global real estate business has evolved to become a multibillion-dollar market, with various stakeholders contributing their share to the sector’s expansion. Access to capital is one of the most significant difficulties that construction businesses and real estate developers confront. In the United States, the situation is similar, which is where Fast Commercial Capital hopes to make a difference with their lending options.

Builders and developers may get debt, equity, mezzanine, and construction finance from the creative loan solutions provider. New construction, subdivision financing, horizontal development financing, multifamily construction, and loan amounts ranging from $250,000 to $50,000,000+ are among the services provided by Fast Commercial Capital. Fast Commercial Capital also offers equipment finance, working lines of credit, operating capital, invoice factoring, accounts receivable financing, and alternative loan solutions to builders and developers.

Don McClain and the Fast Commercial Capital team have endeared themselves to startups, running businesses, and real estate projects due to the breadth of funding choices available and their relative ease of access, completing agreements in as little as five days with no appraisal or documentation.

For more information on Fast Commercial Capital and the loan programs offered, visit –

About Fast Commercial Capital

As a direct correspondent commercial bridge lending company, Fast Commercial Capital was formed by a group of experienced real estate operators and specialty finance experts. Short-term bridge loans secured by first mortgages on commercial and residential investment real estate are provided by the firm.


Media Contact
Company Name: Fast Commercial Capital
Contact Person: Don McClain – Managing Partner
Country: United States

Don McClain- 4 reasons why investing in real estate is beneficial?

Plainly, there are many individuals keen on putting resources into real estate today. Given all that is going on the planet today, it’s straightforward why such countless investors are taking a gander at placing cash into genuine property rather than a securities exchange that can change from bull to bear and back again in a matter of seconds.


It becomes simpler when you have the ability of Don McClain and here he accompanies 4 of the main reasons why such countless individuals today believe real estate to be the best venture around: 

  • Monthly passive income: Month to month easy revenue is like profit paying stocks, besides with rental land there’s significantly more income. At the point when you put resources into a turnkey investment property and recruit a nearby property chief to deal with the everyday subtleties, the time you need to spend on the speculation is restricted to month-to-month execution surveys with your director – and saving your month to month benefits. 
  • Use leverage to boost returns: Numerous real estate investors utilize a moderate LTV of 75% to dramatically build incomes and enhance and grow an investment property portfolio. Influence allows you to utilize OPM (others’ cash) to help ROI and money on-cash returns that increment your abundance a seemingly endless amount of time after year. 
  • Direct control of ventures: At the point when you put resources into the financial exchange, you’re placing cash in the possession of individuals you don’t have the foggiest idea. Supervisors of ETFs, shared assets, and REITs don’t have a clue who you are either and might be more worried about their salary than your wellbeing. Then again, putting resources into land gives you unlimited authority over how, when, and where to contribute. 
  • Tax reductions like depreciation: The IRS lets real estate investors lessen their available pay with a non-cash devaluation derivation. Throughout 27.5 years, you can deduct 3.636% of the worth of your property (barring the land) from your overall gain subject to burden. Depreciation is one motivation behind why many real estate investors are extremely well off while paying close to nothing in personality assessment. 

As indicated by Don McClain Austin Texas, anybody can put resources into real estate and receive the practically unlimited rewards and rewards that pay to deliver property offers. Following his guidance can really help you with investment decisions significantly.

Don McClain- Characteristics of real estate entrepreneurs!

Beginning a real estate organization or shaping a group can have untold advantages for new investors, particularly those hoping to take their business to a higher level. Alongside a more extensive pool of information, abilities, and contacts, an organization can be worthwhile for some reasons, including admittance to seriously working capital.


Building an effective land group, then again, can furnish investors with extended advantages contrasted with an association and for this, you need a specialist like Don McClain Austin Texas.

This incorporates the capacity to bridle communitarian powers, connecting corresponding pieces to accomplish a particular unbiased as well as keep the business moving along as planned and as productively as could be expected. Here are a few characteristics that are required for a real estate person: 

  • Entrepreneur Mindset: When initially beginning real estate, you won’t be a specialist using any and all means. Yet, with the right mentality, including the craving for nonstop learning and enhancements, investors can more readily situate themselves pushing ahead. Recall that an innovative outlook is certifiably not a natural trademark — it’s independently scholarly conduct that gets more grounded with use. As an investor, your disposition and the arrangement of convictions you receive will be fundamental to getting your business going. 
  • Real Estate Education: An appropriate real estate education can give a strong establishment to investors to work off of, including functioning information on the business just as the understanding to check whether they’re going the correct way. What’s more, real estate education can assist investors with moderating dangers, produce more freedoms, acquire a superior profit from speculation, and even set up a more effective organization of contacts.
  • Add Key Players: The last part of framing a land group is tracking down the correct faculty. Fledgling investors should search for central participants in the business, incorporating those with certifiable experience who have been there previously. Recollecting you are hoping to scout ability, so your job will discover corresponding pieces that passage well in their situation as well as inside the organization.

With the guidance of Don McClain Austin Texas, you can successfully lead real estate ventures and make decisions that will benefit you in the long run.